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800 S. Main Street, Stinnett, TX

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It all started with a football team.  We were looking for football jerseys for a little league team.  

We walked into a neighborhood shop, about 20 miles away from our hometown, that we had been referred to.  When we entered the shop, a married couple greeted us, and asked what they could do for us.  We explained what we were looking for, and given our time frames, they were unclear if they could get our jerseys to us in time.  

While Jeremy had been very interested in art and t-shirts, and design, he mentioned to the owner that he would love to come and help him, when they needed help.  On his next day off, he contacted the shop to see if they needed help.  The owner was surprised that he had called, thinking he was just saying that he was interested, but told him to come on over.  

He continued work with them during the day, and sometimes the late hours of the night.  As time progressed, the shop owners had been discussing selling, due to health reasons.  We attended a trade show and they passed along the offer to us to purchase their equipment.  We jumped on the opportunity, and set up shop.

Our small shop consists of my husband and I, and at times an employee or two.  We create our own designs, print our own designs, and have produced orders from one shirt to over 500 shirts.  No job is too big or small.  In 2016, we added in house embroidery to our list of services.  Since then, we have purchased a commercial machine to allow a wider range of decorated apparel.  We ran our business out of our home for several years, then decided to move to Main Street, where we purchased a building and moved in in 2018.

While we never dreamed that one of us would be able to quit a steady-paycheck job to be able to successfully run our business, it finally happened.  We have been known to spend late nights and weekends working for our customers and learning new things.  We enjoy attending trade shows, learning about new products, and working on things that challenge us.  No job is ever the same, here at Adams Ink, just as no customer is ever the same.

Thank you for stopping by to read a little bit about us!  Enjoy your visit!